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About Us

About Quality Fast Foods

If you want someone who knows the sandwich business, we’re the people for you. We’ve been crafting high quality packaged sandwiches for grocery and convenience stores since 1977 and are pioneers of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology.

We don’t take the word “quality” lightly—that’s why it’s in our name. Quality is integral to every aspect of our business, from the ingredients we use (only the best) to the high Quality Assurance standards our facilities meet (you won’t find better anywhere) to the workers who make it happen every day (our secret ingredient).

But we also don’t believe that “quality” should be synonymous with “expensive.” As a single-source supplier, our goal is to get you the products you need at a cost that matches your business model. Great products AND great margins.

Strategically located in Alberta, Canada, we are a single-source supplier ready to meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in stocking our existing lines or want to talk custom manufacturing, reach out to us today—we’d love to talk possibilities with you.