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Quality Fast Foods produces two well-established Western Canadian sandwich brands—Hygaard Fine Foods and Quality Fast Foods. Each line of products is unique, allowing you to cater your product selection based on who your customers are.

Quality Fast Foods are made fresh and packaged to keep it that way. These products use our trademarked Controlled Atmosphere packaging, which maximizes the quality of the sandwich and extends its refrigerated shelf life from 5 to 45 days–without any additives.

Hygaard’s Made 2 Go Fresh sandwiches have a 7-day shelf life from production and are made with premium ingredients. Our natural looking, compostable Zest™ Eco-Packaging makes these products a perfect fit for eco-conscious consumers and businesses.

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How do we maintain a long shelf life on all of our products?

Learn about our use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology

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