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We are part of Edmonton’s food security solution

Food insecurity can happen to anyone. This can mean running out of food before the next paycheck or not being able to afford to eat a healthy diet. The rising cost of food means that more people than ever are struggling to put food on the table and turning to food banks and other community agencies for help. 

As a food manufacturer, we believe that we have an important role in helping to end the cycle of food insecurity. Our biggest focus is enabling food security for households with children.

“A lot of the issues in our communities happen when children go hungry. It affects their performance in school, which sets these kids on a trajectory that limits what they can achieve in life. That’s why our emphasis on both education and food security go together, because we believe that this is preventable.” 
– Steve Booker, CEO, SK Food Group

In Edmonton, Quality Fast Foods – a division of SK Food Group – is tackling food insecurity on two fronts. 

First, in our facilities. If an Associate is experiencing food insecurity, our Missing Meals program provides them with resources through their plant leader, taking care of this basic need with dignity and respect. 

Second, in our communities. All our plant leaders are actively involved at local food banks and community agencies that work to prevent hunger. In Edmonton, our plant leaders arrange ongoing donations of sandwiches to more than a dozen organizations, and supply Associates with products when they organize a community activity. 

One organization we work with is Edmonton’s Food Bank, which provides food for over 30,000 people every month. Another is Second Harvest – a “food rescue” charity that captures and redistributes surplus food from farms, retailers and manufacturers like us. By donating our excess products, we not only help to meet immediate food needs, but also reduce waste and our environmental footprint.

Here is a complete list of organizations that Quality Fast Foods supports with product and cash donations in the Edmonton area:

  • Hope Mission
  • Sands Inn & Suites
  • Food Bank
  • Edmonton homeless
  • WIN House
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Hy-Line
  • McEwens
  • PB Breakfast Donation
  • AGD Community Hurricane
  • Salvation Army
  • Mission Old Brewer
  • Refuge Mission
  • Second Harvest

In addition to building healthier communities where we operate, our food security efforts support the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aims of SK Food Group and three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger, Climate Action.

Photo courtesy of WikiCommons. Photographer: Mack Male