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Approximately 1.2 million Canadians experienced moderate or severe food insecurity from 2017 to 2018. With food security being such a prevalent health and nutrition issue across Canada, we at HQ Fine Foods are doing our part to help out those in need.

Defined in 1996 by the UN’s World Food Summit, food insecurity occurs when individuals or families lack access to food due to financial, physical, or social barriers. In severe cases, this can lead to skipped meals, reduced food intakes, and eventually, detrimental declines in emotional, physical, and mental health.

Just in Edmonton alone, 13.8% of residents were food insecure from 2017 to 2018, and 63,323 people received a hamper from Edmonton’s Food Bank or one of its affiliates. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated food security challenges for Canadians, with almost one in seven Canadians experiencing food insecurity in May 2020.

HQ Fine Foods recognizes the impact that food insecurities can have on families and has taken initiative to help reduce food insecurity in Edmonton by donating to several food banks and shelters. This year, HQ Fine Foods has donated to:

  • Hope Mission – twice this year
  • Edmonton Youth Emergency Shelter – multiple donations
  • NIGINAN Homeless Shelter – weekly donations throughout the year
  • SOS Youth Day – donated product for August 13, 2021 event

At HQ Fine Foods, we cherish our community and are proud to do our part in helping to reduce food insecurities in the Edmonton area.